Amazon Arbitrage : What is it? How to get started. 

Reselling Online: Getting Started

Intro: How to do Product Arbitrage on Amazon

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Ian Fernando has over a decade of experience as an online marketer. Name that traffic source, that vertical – he's run it. Making a name for himself through his blog, where he helps other online marketers gain insights on everything online from affiliate marketing to Amazon FBA to digital/physical product creation.

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FAQs - Quick Questions and Answers

What is Online Arbitrage?

Arbitrage in online selling means sourcing products online with the specific aim of exploiting a price mismatch between two marketplaces, so you can resell them at a profit. If you are an Amazon reseller, this means trying to identify products that are being sold in an online store or marketplace at a lower price than their current price on Amazon.

How easy is it to start online arbitrage?

Online arbitrage relies on you being able to source products at a lower price than they are currently being sold on Amazon – and given that prices on Amazon are consistently competitive, this is no easy task. But opportunities do crop up – you just need a strategy to help you find them.

How much investment is needed to start?

One of the attractions of online arbitrage is the low entry cost. Some financial investment is needed to buy the first batch of inventory, but this is likely to be in the low hundreds ($) (possibly even less than one hundred dollars if you are just dipping a first toe in the water) rather than thousands. Once you get started, you will have to continue to feed the beast they say. Meaning constantly send out new inventory.

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